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  • Dr. Sherri Rachal

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Global Studies - American History Emphasis

  • The 8th Grade Social Studies curriculum approaches American History by connecting our past to our present. Students engage in the world around them by understanding the context and causes of historical events in U.S. history. Students will engage in the Historical Thinking (​sourcing, corroboration, contextualization, and close reading)​ approach that prepares the students to use appropriate sources, find reliable research and supporting evidence, develop the ability to understand context of a source, corroboration between sources, and close reading to determine the author’s/source’s point of view and purpose. Students use this approach to delve into five units of study: Global Culture, Crisis, Economics, Government and Law, and Civil Rights. Through projects and research students will look for connections, patterns, cause-effect relationships, make predictions, analyze and problem-solve struggles from the past and the present.