• Technology, Information and Internet Instructional tools are used in Webster Groves School District to

    • Expand and supplement curricular content
    • Provide 21st century technology and information literacy skills
    • Research and communicate
    • Provide educational opportunities beyond local resources

    Students will be supervised in a classroom environment when using the Internet. Within the district, Internet filters block inappropriate websites and materials as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

    Computer Use Expectations

    • Students will not start computers until instructed to do so by the teacher.
    • Students will only use the computer and Internet for school-related activities.
    • Students will respect other people’s files. (Do not change, copy, delete, read, or access files that are not yours.)
    • Students will only use district or school software and authorized websites.
    • Students will only use the portion of computer and network memory that is installed for student use.
    • Students will not access the computer control panel or settings, or attempt any hardware or software maintenance or repair.
    • Students will inform the teacher immediately if an inappropriate web site or ma- terials are accessed.
    • Students will not reveal logins, personal information, addresses, phone numbers or password be it their own or others.
    • Students will not download any materials without specific permission from a teacher or administrator.
    • Students will obey all copyright laws.
    • Students will not plagiarize.
    • Students will not use computers or network resources for threatening or for cyber-bullying as outlined in the school district anti-bullying policies.
    • Students will observe all Classroom User Policies as defined by the needs of the individual classrooms.


    • Do not use inappropriate or vulgar language when communicating online.
    • Do not deprive others of the use of equipment or resources.
    • Do not interfere or disrupt network services or equipment.
    • Respect the property of others including online resources, materials and information.

    The district reserves the right to inspect any materials or files within the district resources, and to monitor and/or review all computer and Internet use and activity. Users will not obtain, view, download or gain access to objectionable materials. This includes documents, telecommunication re- sources, video, audio, or image files.


    • A letter will be sent or a call made to the parent/guardian(s) from the student and teacher explaining the error in judgment and consequence.
    • Limit or loss of access to computer and network resources.
    • Additional disciplinary action at the school level.
    • When applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.
    • Financial responsibility for damaged or destroyed equipment.


    Webster Groves School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether ex- pressed or implied, for the service it is providing. It will not be responsible for any damages suffered while on this system and specifically disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of information obtained through its services.