8th Grade Science

  • Hello! Welcome to the beginning of your child’s eighth grade school year! I want to introduce myself as the science teacher for Team Green. I recently got married this summer. I am in the process of changing my last name so you may see me referred to by two different names. My new name is Mrs. Emily Kenney and my maiden name is Martin.

    Units of Study
         measuring, recording, analyzing, and creating testable investigations

         exploring the periodic table, aspects of matter, and molecule movement

    Forces and Interactions:
         speed, forces (balanced and unbalanced), inertia, friction, energy, and Newton’s Laws of Motion

         kinetic energy, potential energy, and heat transfer

         properties of waves and wave interactions

         Daily supplies needed include a pencil, composition notebook, and folder

    Formative and summative assessments will be given and graded in each unit of study. Formative assessments, including daily lessons and quizzes, are worth 20 percent of the student’s overall grade. Summative assessments, including projects and tests, are worth 80 percent of their overall grade for the class.