• Under the direction of the school principal, I plan and provide for approporiate learning experience for students. Provide an atmosphere and environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of individuals to ensure success for every student.

    Building A Community of Learners

    As Hixson's Mathematics Specialist my vision is to build a community of learners where students can actually learn, feel safe, and be respected. I have learned that there is an importance of relationships in the school community. When middle school students feel that they belong to the productive group and are accepted by their teacher plus their peers, motivation and performance increases to appoint where students takes the risks necessary to ensure academic success. The realization is that to teach diverse learners in a classroom requires building community. 

    A community where students can share ideas, work together collaboratively, to tolerare differences, and to create a place where all students feel valued and respected. In order for meaningful engaged learning to take place the foundation MUST be laid in the beginning of the school year to develop a sense of community in the classroom.

    [1]  The class develops a sense of community and trust.

    [2]  Students enteract morfe freely because they are safe from ridicule.

    [3]  All students feel respected and valued.

    [4]  Students learn to tolerate differences and respect others ideas.

    [5]  Classroom management is proactive and consistent.

    There are three premises that will guide us on this journey:

    [1]  Students have different styles, interests, and intelligences

    [2]  Cooperative interaction increases learning and social skills

    [3]  All students can learn...