• Proposition E Bond Issue Progress


     Proposition E, approved by voters in April 2019, addresses safety, accessibility and space issues in the district.  What follows are descriptions of the bond issue projects that will get under way in the district this school year.

     Converting Steger Sixth Grade Center into a neighborhood elementary school and moving sixth grade students to Hixson Middle School.

    This bond issue work involves constructing additional space – both new and reconfigured – at Hixson. Steger would be converted into an elementary school. This project has a capital cost of approximately $16 million and is scheduled for 2021-22. 

    Additions to Hixson include more classrooms, library expansion, multi-purpose room, cafeteria expansion, nurse's office expansion and other renovations.

    Converting the Steger/Givens campus to one K-5 grade elementary school, will provide space relief in all elementary buildings through redistricting and a neighborhood school for more district families.

     Benefits of moving sixth grade to Hixson include one less transition for district students, leading to greater continuity of care for diverse academic, social and emotional needs; greater access to wider and deeper array of educational programming and extracurricular activities and an improved structure for middle school staff collaboration.

    The bond issue will also pay for safety/accessibility enhancements at each school.

    • Elevators and chair lifts at Avery, Bristol, Edgar Road and Hixson
    • Single point of entrance with secure vestibules
    • Secure interior office and classroom doors with accessible/operable deadbolt locks
    • Exterior doors secured and connected to building alarm system and monitored by video
    • Districtwide portable communications system
    • An additional modular classroom unit for Edgar Road
    • Safety measures such as blinds, film or other solutions to prevent interior visibility/entry from ground-level windows.
    • Abatement/removal of asbestos from maintenance tunnel/crawl spaces at Clark, Edgar Road, Hixson and the High School and floor tiles as needed at each school
    • Updates/replacements for the High School’s auditorium for lighting, sound and prop rigging
    • Restroom and other accessibility modifications to doorways, halls, drinking fountains and other building aspects.

    At left, you can find additional details about the bond issue as well as several assessments of building needs (maintenance, accessibility and safety/security), enrollment growth reports and survey results recorded throughout the process last year.