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  • Introducing WG Thrive
    “Empowering students to change the world.”

    The Webster Groves School District is pleased to introduce WG Thrive, an innovative and dynamic program that combines education, professional guidance, and personal development to help high school juniors and seniors acquire critical business and entrepreneurial skills to pursue productive, fulfilling lives.

    Rather than relying on traditional lecturing and textbooks, the WG Thrive program offers a unique, hands-on, experiential learning adventure by way of a business incubator facility, where students can develop critical business skills and confidence though educators and local entrepreneurs who serve as advisers, enabling the students to learn by doing. Along the way, they earn transferable college credit.

    WG Thrive sets the standard as an ideal example of how public education, business, and local community can partner to provide real-world, practical skills for the workforce of the future.


    Mr. McAlevey 

    The Advisory Board of WG Thrive announces with sympathy that Mr. Steven McAlevey, WG Thrive Community Champion and Co-Founder, passed away on July 19, 2021.  The Advisory Board would like to thank the late Mr. McAlevey for his invaluable contribution to the development and support of WG Thrive during his tenure of service and expresses their deepest condolences to his family.