General Info

  • Importance of Student Engagement

    It is very important for you to engage daily and to complete assigned work to keep skills practice up and engage in relevant content for future learning settings. 

    Please stay connected and will we  support you in making progress--academically, socially, and emotionally. We recognize the value of staying socially connected. Teachers are encouraged to build in different opportunities for you to engage with each other in non-academic ways, as a means of continuing to foster positive relationships.

    Expectations for Feedback
    Teachers and staff members will give feedback in a variety of ways. At times, you will receive individualized feedback regarding work. There are also times when you will receive small or large group feedback. All feedback is intended to support student learning. 


    • Our traditional grading scale applies.  Please refer to the grading scale in the Student Handbook.
    • Please communicate to your teacher how the work is going relative to workload and stress.  It is important to allow us to adjust on the feedback we hear as we do this work.  
    • Our staff is focusing on how students can be successful with engagement during this period and providing feedback around the intended learning. We do want to support students in continued acquisition of skills that will support future ready citizens: critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.