• The goal of the Statesmen Service Award is to honor students who are aware, thoughtful, and committed citizens who make a difference in their community.  Volunteering is part of a well-rounded education, providing students with new insights about the communities they serve and themselves.  Our hope is this award shines a light on the students who serve others and inspires other students to serve as well.



    Students honored for the Statesmen Service Awards:

      • Complete 25 service hours in one calendar year (between 4/1/22 and 4/1/23)
        • service hours might be through classes, clubs, youth groups, organizations or individually as long as the student is not compensated for the work
        • hours may be completed during the summer or school year
      • Log and verify their hours 
        • hours may be logged and verified using a paper log sheet or an online system called GivePulse
        • if a paper log sheet is used, students will log and verify their hours on paper and then upload a picture of the log sheet into GivePulse to officially record their hours
        • if GivePulse is used to log and verify hours, no paper log is needed.  Instead, students will enter their hours electronically, and an email will be sent to the community partner where students served to verify their hours. 
    • Due Date: All service hours must be logged, verified and entered into GivePulse no later than March 17, 2023, before Spring Break.


    *Please note, not all volunteer hours count toward the A+ program.  The only service hours that count toward the A+ program requirements are ones where students are mentoring or tutoring other students within the Webster Groves School District.  If you are interested in finding opportunities that qualify for A+ hours, see a Chelsea Center team member for support.


    For further questions about the Statesmen Service Awards, please contact:


    Dr. Kerry Arens, Coordinator of the Chelsea Detrick Experiential Learning Center 

    Ext. 11960 or arens.kerry@wgmail.org


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