COVID-19 Precautions FAQ

  • 1. What prevention strategies are you currently using to keep my child safe in school?

    • We encourage vaccination for our staff and children age eligible.
    • Our teachers work with the children to practice consistent and correct mask usage.
    • We partner classrooms/cohort groups.
    • Our pick-up and drop-offs are contactless.
    • Cots distanced at rest.
    • Lunch times staggered and seating is distanced
    • Staggered use of communal spaces
    • Outside learning as much as possible.
    • Frequent hand washing and practice of respiratory etiquette.
    • Teach and reinforce hand washing
    • Daily health screening for students and staff
    • Follow recommended procedures for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection
    • Identifying which children and staff with positive COVID-19 test results should isolate, and which close contacts should quarantine.

    2. Are you requiring teachers,staff, or students 5 and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19?
    The Webster Groves School District does not currently require vaccination against COVID-19, however vaccination for eligible teachers, staff, and students 5 and older is strongly encouraged.

    3. What happens if my child’s teacher gets sick from COVID-19?
    Close contacts will be informed and required to quarantine. Vaccinated members of the teaching team will continue teaching as long as no symptoms are present. Vaccinated children will continue attending school as long as no symptoms are present. This might be in person or virtual depending on the circumstances.

    4. Are there procedures in place for contact tracing?
    Yes, the Ambrose Family Center works with our district nurses and administrators, as well as the St. Louis County Department of Public Health to complete contact tracing.

    5. What is your quarantine procedure if my child comes into close contact with someone who has COVID-19?
    We follow the St. Louis County Department of Public Health guidelines for quarantine requirements in childcare settings. Parents will receive a letter from the school nurse with details including last date of exposure and a return to school date.

    6. Are you allowing visitors on campus?
    The Ambrose Family Center is limiting nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups or organizations.

    7. Are you using outdoor spaces for learning, extracurricular activities,or mealtime?
    Yes, we encourage our classes to conduct learning outside as much as possible. Each class has a designated Forest Day, the Playscape is zoned to keep cohort groups separate, and other walking field trips are always available. Teachers encourage families to send their children dressed appropriately for the weather.

    8. What are you doing to keep students safe when they are eating meals?
    Breakfast and snack are served in the classroom. Children wash their hands before eating and put on their masks when they get up from the table. The cafeteria is shared between cohort groups and those meal times are staggered. The children have assigned seating and are spaced at least 3 ft. apart.

    9. What are my remote learning options if my child has to quarantine or isolate?
    Teachers are given 1 day to plan, and virtual learning will begin the following day. Teachers will be in contact with you to share your class’s virtual learning plan.

    10. Will tuition be prorated if my child has to quarantine?
    Tuition will continue to be collected as virtual learning will be offered to classes who are under quarantine.