Getting to Know Our Building: Key Locations, Parent Drop-off/Pick-up

  • Where is "Senior Entrance?"
    The Senior Entrance is the largest entrance to the high school, located on Selma Avenue directly across from the soccer field.

    Where is "Junior Entrance?"
    The Junior Entrance is the other large entrance to the high schoo, located closer to the intersection of Selma and Bradford.

    Where is Roberts Gym?
    Roberts Gym is located on Bradford.

    Where can visitors park?
    Visitor parking is located in the parking lot next to the baseball field on Bradford and Plymouth.  ADA accessible parking spots are located at the north end of our building on Selma near the alley.

    Parent Drop-off/Pick-up
    Please remember that the east side of Selma is for bus and parent drop-off/pick-up only.  When dropping off or picking up your student along Selma/Bradford Avenues, please be respectful of our students who are crossing the street.  We often observe drivers’ not giving pedestrians the right of way, and we ask that you make Selma/Bradford Avenues a safe route for all.  We also ask that you pull over to drop off or pick up your student.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.