Special Programs

    0160 10TH-12TH ACADEMIC LAB
    Credit: 1/2 unit
    Academic Lab provides an opportunity for students to receive additional tutoring and academic support on a daily basis. Teachers are available to students in each lab to provide assistance with regular class work, provide study tips and monitor grades. Counselors and administrators will occasionally work with students regarding scheduling, college and career planning and other school-related issues. Strongly recommended for freshmen students who have less than a 3.0 cumulative GPA while in 8th grade.

    Credit: 1 unit
    Prerequisite: In Gifted and Talented Program
    Open to Grades: 9-12
    Academic Lab provides an opportunity for students to receive additional tutoring and academic support on a daily basis. Teachers are available to students in each lab to provide assistance with regular class work, provide study tips, address affective needs, and monitor grades. Counselors and administrators will occasionally work with students regarding scheduling, college and career planning and other school-related issues.

    9093 AP SEMINAR
    Credit: 1 unit
    Open to grades: 10-12
    Students will have the opportunity to explore real-world issues from multiple perspectives and consider varied points of view. This course will encourage students to develop a deep understanding of complex issues and topics in order to make connections between these issues and your everyday life. Throughout this course, students will engage in research and projects both individually and as a collective group. Students will be encouraged to sit for the AP Seminar exam in May.

    Credit: ½ unit
    Grades: 9-12
    This course is based on design thinking and will provide students with a creative outlet to learn sound habits of creating, designing, tinkering, and building in the Makerspace. Students will become proficient in the design thinking process and developing solutions to challenges. Students will work in teams and practice effective communication skills to overcome difficulties. Pragmatic skills will serve as the foundation of learning objectives and as a means of creating and finishing collaborative projects. Students will learn to use Makerspace tools including 3D printers, a CNC machine, sewing machines, video creation and editing, a laser cutter, and traditional hand tools, among others.

    Credit: ½ unit
    Prerequisite: Students who successfully progressed in Makerspace I will find this to be a challenging yet appropriate course.
    Grades: 9-12
    Now that students have experience with the design thinking model and a workable knowledge of the Makerspace tools, this course will deepen their understanding of this work and its application to problems from our school and community identified by the students. Students will work together to discuss issues and address these issues in a way that will promotes positive solutions. Students will also use their knowledge of art, design, making, and media, to prototype their ideas. They will continue to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They will work in teams to create presentations for effective communication of their ideas.

    Credit: ½ unit
    Apply with Makerspace staff
    Open to Grades: 9-12
    Makerspace Lab Assistants will learn the different technologies and the teaching philosophy of the Makerspace Lab. Lab assistants will help visiting students and teachers with designing their makes, solving problems, navigating the room, and operating equipment safely. In addition students will assist the Makerspace teacher in maintaining equipment, troubleshooting problems, and optimizing the space for student and teacher use.

    Ideal candidates enjoy building, designing, and creating and have strong communication skills to assist a broad range of students and teachers of different technical abilities.

    Credit: 1/2 unit
    Prerequisite: Approval by teacher, department chair, and student’s assistant principal
    Open to Grades: 11-12
    An independent study course may be taken for high school credit. Independent study courses will be limited to study beyond the most advanced course offered by Webster Groves High School in a given subject. The student must have taken all of the courses in the curriculum sequence leading to the advanced study and must have earned a grade of "B" or better in each qualifying course.
    The student must obtain an application for Independent Study from his/her counselor. He/she must complete the application and secure the signature of approval of the participating teacher, the parents, the counselor, department chairperson and the Unit Administrator. The completed application must be returned to Unit 108 before the student will be enrolled for this credit. Credit will be awarded as follows: 1/2 credit for a minimum of 60 class hours of instruction or for a total of 60 hours of combined class instruction and actual outside research or preparation work for the classroom tutorial session. A student may not enroll in more than a total of 2 units of independent study credit during his/her high school experience. He/she may take only 1/2 unit of independent study credit per semester.

    Credit: elective 1/2 unit per semester
    Prerequisite: 3.0 GPA
    Open to Grades: 11-12
    Peer tutors provide specialized help in the WGHS Tutoring Center. Based on student's strengths, they will tutor core subjects as well as electives. Tutors will provide individual and small group assistance on assignments, tests, and projects in a particular content area, or areas. At the beginning of each semester, tutors will go through an orientation process on what is expected of them and will sign a contract. Tutoring in the WGHS Tutoring Center meets the mentoring/tutoring requirements of the A+ Schools Program, provided they meet agreed upon requirements and completion of tasks.

    Credit: ½ unit
    Open to Grades: 11-12
    Requires the permission of the teacher to which student will be assigned and the permission of the department chair.
    Students will be assigned to one math teacher but will work closely with the entire Mathematics Department. Each student will assist teachers in creating and teaching lessons, working with small groups of students, and tutoring individual students. The ideal candidate enjoys explaining mathematics and is interested in pursuing a career as a Mathematics teacher.

    Credit: 1 unit
    Prerequisite: B or higher in English class or administrator approval
    Open to Grades: 10-12
    A good yearbook is the result of many hours of hard work, discipline, and cooperation. This includes working outside of scheduled class hours. A productive yearbook staff will gain a working knowledge of design and publishing skills as used in the publishing industry. The ultimate goal of Yearbook is to produce a book that everyone will be proud of, want to own and archive school history. Yearbook staff candidates should have an interest or background in one or more of the following graphic arts disciplines: design skills in layout and photography; writing skills for headlines, copy and captions; or photography skills in producing quality images. Creative and ambitious sales people are also needed to design and produce an ad campaign to help promote and sell the yearbook.

    Credit: 1/4 unit per semester
    Prerequisite: Teacher or Staff approval
    Open to Grades: 11-12
    Students may receive elective credit by assisting a teacher or office. With teachers, students can help with various classroom assignments (preparation of bulletin boards, copying and duplicating, inventory management, lab preparation, music, and/or library work.) In an office, students will deliver passes and supplies, assist with mailings, and assembling packets for various school functions. Credit and a pass/fail grade will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated learning, time spent, and teacher/staff evaluation. Each teacher may only have two student assistants per semester.

    Credit: 1/2 unit
    Prerequisite: None
    Open to Grades: 11-12
    This one-semester course is designed to help students prepare for college entrance tests, specifically the ACT. Teachers from multiple departments rotate between student-groups, instructing students in test-taking skills and strategies and in specific reviews for each subject area. Students are encouraged to purchase a teacher-selected ACT preparation textbook and are required to take weekly ACT practice tests. Emphasis is placed upon regular attendance and daily class participation.

    Credit: TBD
    Open to Grades: 11-12 with application process
    WG Thrive Incubator provides high school students with dynamic, immersion-based student learning experiences to ensure students can understand and respond to an ever-changing world. To accomplish this task, the Webster Groves School District will actively engage and work collaboratively with business partners, community service and educational leaders to design and develop mutually beneficial learning experiences based on the interests of students and stakeholders. Thrive is an example of how business, community and public education can partner to produce personalized learning experiences that educate the workforce of the future, especially in high skill, high demand jobs.
    Why the WG Thrive Incubator? Industry states 51% of college graduates are lacking the skills essential for success in the professional workplace. Thrive Incubator provides a safe, challenging and innovative environment that exposes students to real entrepreneurial opportunities with the support of industry and community leaders designed to:

    • Discover passions in an authentic experiential learning environment
    • Develop critical thinking, leadership, communication, curiosity, grit, perseverance, creativity and time management skills
    • Fostering a growth mindset
    • Build confidence and emotional intelligence

    *Students can elect to fulfill their Personal Finance requirement in this course. In order to accomplish this, students pass the coursework portion and receive a 60% or higher on the State Personal Finance Exam.