WGSD Kindergarten Information

  • Welcome to kindergarten in the Webster Groves School District! The district has six elementary schools: Avery, Bristol, Clark, Edgar Road and Hudson.

    For information about documents required for enrollment, please see our Enrollment information page.

    The kindergarten curriculum primarily focuses on the child’s own interests and experiences. Classroom activities reflect the importance of the “whole child,” integrating learning for physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

    The curriculum is broad, rich and developmentally appropriate for five-year olds. It includes literacy-based activities, mathematics, science, social studies and art. Students learn to recognize differences and likenesses. They learn letter names. They recognize similar beginning sounds and rhyming sounds, identification of colors, classification of items by color, shape, size and recognize opposites such as up/down and in/out.

    Kindergarten children attend art, library, music and physical education classes as part of their regular curriculum, all of which are taught by trained specialists.

    Kindergarten activities reinforce each other as children learn to listen, follow directions, interpret pictures and distinguish between a question and a statement. Games, discussions and “show and tell” help youngsters gain fluency and confidence in speaking. Art, music and computers are part of regular activities.Teachers help children develop fine motor skills for handwriting.

    The teacher uses every opportunity to encourage students to appreciate the natural world around them. Science is a hands-on experience focusing on investigations, questioning and inquiry. Social studies units encourage understanding of self, families and neighbors through discussion, videos, talks and field trips.

    The counseling program develops positive character traits. Areas of emphasis include cooperation, honesty, respect for self and others and responsibility for self and others