Healthy Learning

  • Learning Communities

    • We will focus on building relationships between and among teachers and students.
    • We will be intentional in our ongoing e orts to reach out and to know our students and create learning partnerships.
    • We will complement academic instruction with social-emotional learning.
    • We will intentionally build community.
    • We will ensure that students safely work together in a variety of configurations and for a variety of purposes.
    • We will design opportunities for all students to contribute and to share their learning with others.
    • We will ensure learners are able to safely collaborate with each other.

    Rigorous Learning

    • We will clearly define learning goals.
    • We will ensure that learning goals are clear to the students.
    • We will communicate with students regularly about their learning
    • We will give students specific and timely feedback to guide their learning
    • We will use assessments to advance student learning by determining any learning gaps.
    • We will use formative assessments during the learning process to determine student understanding.
    • We will design instruction for how students learn.
    • We will strive to motivate students and incorporate their interests.
    • We will meet students where they are in their individual learning.
    • We will design learning experiences such that students will access the core concepts and essential skills and use the key knowledge and skills to achieve deeper understanding.

    Learning Environment

    • We will create routines, procedures, and structures that support safety and learning.
    • We will establish procedures that are clear and consistent, yet adaptable.
    • We will create guidelines around learning that consider the access and needs of students.
    • We will intentionally plan with student access in mind.
    • We will ensure that all resources (printed and digital) and learning activities are engaging.

    Learning for All

    • We will embrace a collaborative culture and a focus on student learning.
    • We will partner with Special School District to ensure that we meet the learning needs of students with disabilities and the expectations of their Individualized Education Program (IEP).
    • We will provide individual learning supports (i.e reading intervention, math intervention, gifted education services, students with 504s and English as a Second
    • Language services) for students in all models of instruction.
    • We will collaborate within schools and across schools through Collaborative Learning Teams to analyze and enhance instructional practice, improve student learning, and ensure the success of every student.
    • We will utilize high-quality resources, tools and materials to improve and promote effective teaching and learning.