Login to Clever and Canvas

  • Here are some quick helpful tips when trying to log in to Clever to get to your Canvas courses, as well as attend your Zoom sessions.

    When logging into Clever, please make sure that you are first signed out of all gmail accounts except for the student's wgcloud email. Then, navigate to clever.com/in/wgsd and then click on Login with Google (NOT LOGIN WITH CLEVER). After logging into Clever, you should then see the red Canvas icon. Please click on Canvas to then view your student's courses.

    For all Zoom sessions, you should go to the teacher's course page and be able to click on the Zoom session link there. Each teacher was advised to put the link in a visible spot with the password there. If you do not see the link or password please reach out to your classroom teacher. At no point will a student need to login to Zoom; they will click on the link provided and enter the password for the meeting.

    Students access Canvas through the Clever portal. 

    Parents access Canvas through the Canvas Portal, which is https://wgsd.instructure.com/login/canvas.

    Observer notifications—prior to opening the notification, please log into your observer Canvas account.