• Mission Statement
    What are the possibilities? 

    The Chelsea Center believes in the power of experiential learning (ExL) opportunities for all students in WGHS, grades 9-12.  Service learning, internships, travel,  personal employment, job shadowing, design-your-own-ExL and ExL classes are ready for students to push their learning beyond classroom walls.  We can’t wait to meet with you and design a plan for learning that sparks and sustains your curiosity!

    What is Experiential Learning?

    Experiential Learning (ExL) is the process of making meaning and creating knowledge from direct experience.   Participants in ExL learn through doing and reflecting on doing. 

    Cycle of Experiential Learning


    Why is ExL valuable?

    By providing students with the opportunity to wonder, design,  tinker, collaborate, adapt, and communicate, ExL prepares students for the excitement and challenges of their current and future lives.  The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report identifies complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity as the top skills needed in careers in 2020.  Experiential learning engages students in practicing these skills while also providing support for reflection on their personal, social, and emotional growth.  ExL honors the links between play, creativity and innovation, and encourages students to explore who they want to be and how they want to grow.

    How do students get involved?

    Meet with one of us for a brainstorming session to find or design experiential learning that nurtures your curiosity, joy, and wellness.  ExL is available to you before and after school as well as during the school day, with the opportunity to engage during breaks as well.  

Contact Information

Welcome!      The Chelsea Detrick Experiential Learning Center ("Chelsea Center") is a program within Webster Groves High Sch