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The Paw Print


The Paw Print 

January 19th, 2022


Welcome to The Paw Print!  Here is what’s happening at Edgar Road:


From The Secretary

Parents, if you are picking up work for your child, please try to come during school hours.  Adventure Club staff doesn’t have the ability to open the front doors.  


We are having an abundance of tardies.  Please remember that drop off starts at 7:35 AM and school starts at 7:50 AM.  


The 2022-2023 Kindergarten Information Night will be on Wednesday, February 9th at 6:00 PM in the Edgar Road Library.  Start spreading the word to incoming families in your neighborhood.  Enrollment will begin online the following morning, February 10th.  


From The Counselor

January 19, 2022

Classroom Lessons:

This week, I am seeing Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 4th grade for their regular counseling lessons.  I am also seeing Fifth graders to make up their lessons from last week.

Kindergarten:  Our K students are continuing their learning and understanding about friendships.  We are reviewing our Great Friend Rules:  Great Friends notice how others are feeling, invite others to play, use kind words and actions and share with each other.  After we review these important parts of being a friend, we read the book “What are Friends For” and notice when the friends in the book are making great friend choices or not.  Another important part of this lesson is talking about how sometimes friends make mistakes and argue and how to handle that!

Second Grade:  Second grade students are learning about Peer Pressure this week.  We are learning about “Peer Pressure’s Bag of Tricks” and applying that learning to Julia Cook’s book, “Peer Pressure Gauge”.  Students will learn about NonVerbal Negative Peer Pressure:  Huddling together to ignore someone, Setting an Example (others following a more “popular” person) and “The Look” (giving someone an annoyed look).  They will also learn about Verbal Negative Peer Pressure:  “Reasoning” (telling someone tons of reasons why something is okay to do), “Putting Down” (insulting someone or calling names) and “Rejection” (telling someone they won’t be your friend).  I also note during this lesson the difference between Negative and Positive Peer Pressure.  Positive Peer Pressure encourages someone to do something good and it feels good!

Fourth Grade:  Fourth grade students will be reviewing what Bullying means and learning about four types of bullying:  Cyber, Emotional, Physical and Verbal.  Cyber bullying consists of using technology to hurt others.  Emotional bullying is when someone plays on someone else’s emotions to hurt.  Physical bullying is pushing, hitting, shoving to hurt and Verbal bullying is insulting or teasing to hurt others.  It is usually easy for students to pick out Physical and Cyber bullying, but can be harder to distinguish Verbal and Emotional bullying.  We will work with a few books the next few weeks to pick out the different kinds of bullying in the books.  I also note with students that bullying is repeated unwanted actions toward another over time.  It is important to learn how to distinguish between this and other types of things that happen (someone being rude or having a mean moment).  

Fifth Grade:  Fifth graders are having a make up lesson from last week.  We are talking about the 6th Habit:  Synergy.  Synergy consists of taking all of the habits and putting them into one and figuring out how to work together for the good of the group.  Their challenge is to think about how they can use synergy at school, as well as at home!  We are also doing Team 5 this week!


Thank you all so much for reinforcing these important lessons at home!  


Sara Luesse

Phone:  314-918-4503

Click HERE for the Edgar Road Counseling Website

Counseling Resources Page


From The Nurse

You can start ordering 4 COVID test kits per household online!  Just input your name and address, no other info and they are free.


Parents if your child needs a second vaccine shot you can reach out to PharMax to schedule it. Call them at 636-464-1100 or go to their website and schedule that second dose at  Just keep in mind they should get it by 1/28 because it needs to be administered no more than 42 days after the first dose. 


If your child has completed both Covid vaccines, please send me an image of their vaccination record card. I will then add this information to your child’s health records.  Quarantine requirements are different for those who are fully vaccinated.   Remember, your child is not considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after their last Covid vaccine date. or fax to 314-963-6477.


District News


Webster Groves School District has a hotline for families to report positive COVID cases on the weekends.  If between Friday at 4:00 PM and Monday at 6:00 AM you need to report a positive case, please call 314-918-4693.


PTO Info

Upcoming Dine Out Nights!

Join us on January 24th from 4 pm to 8 pm for our January Dine Out Night at Joe Boccardi's on Watson. The restaurant will be donating 20% of sales back to Edgar Road PTO for any tickets that mention the event when dining in or ordering takeout. Come support a great local business and the Edgar Road PTO.

We have a VERY SPECIAL February Dine Out! We're partnering with Amy's Cake Pop Shop! All cake pops will be individually wrapped. Choose birthday cake, chocolate or gluten-free chocolate. All decorated in Edgar Road colors.

*Please note there is a 4 pop minimum!* Last day to order is Friday, January 28th. Pickup at the circle drive Saturday, February 5th.

Conveniently enough, February 5th is National Give Kids a Smile Day! Order here -!


From the ERS Equity Group: 

Join us in expanding this year’s One Book, One School conversations into your home and family! Any family who wishes to participate and add the books to their home library can order the books “Outside, Inside,” and “Many Shapes of Clay” online through Novel Neighbor. If you use this link: ( )

20% of the proceeds will be donated back to Edgar Road PTO and the Parent Equity Group to support Family Reading Night. If your family is able, please consider purchasing an extra book to be donated back to our school community. They will be used in the library, for specialists, and for families who would benefit from the gift. If your family would like to participate but cannot purchase the books at this time please reach out to Dr. Wuch or Sara Luesse and a book will be provided to you. Both books are also available through the Webster Library as well as the St. Louis County libraries. 

The Parent Equity Group has worked alongside the One Book One School committee to create a family learning packet. The packet will include resources for parents, discussion questions that build on the lessons happening at school, and suggestions for activities too! Family learning packets will be included with the books when they’re available for pick up. In order to have your books before the lessons begin at school please place your order by Dec. 31. The link again:

Family Reading Night on March 10 will be a virtual community celebration of both books! We are looking forward to it!


We will use this link for PTO Meetings, Board & General, for the rest of this year.

Topic: Edgar Road Elementary PTO Meeting

Time: This is a recurring meeting, meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 892 3977 9936

Passcode: ERSPTO


To view events or activities not sponsored or endorsed by the school district, please go to:  Did you know WGSD has an app?? You can even personalize the app by identifying a school(s) and that the calendar, food, etc. will all be from our school.  You can also sync the calendar to your calendar.  It’s a great app!  Here’s the video to show you what it offers:

Staying Connected

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