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Building Advisory Committee Opening

5/12/2023 - 

The Building Advisory Committee (BAC) is looking for individual(s) to serve on the committee. Committee members serve three year terms. Each year runs from July 1 to June 30. The committee normally meets nine or ten times per year on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. A background in facility management, construction, architecture, engineering or a related field is preferred. Committee members are expected to attend at least 75% of the meetings.

The purpose of the BAC shall be to monitor and review district facility issues and needs facing the Webster Groves School District and to provide advice to the Board and the District’s administration regarding facility and building projects. The BAC shall be fact-finding and advisory in nature, and not executive. The role and actions of the BAC shall be subject in all respects to the Board’s policies and requirements regarding advisory committees generally and the BAC specifically, and the BAC shall not have the power to make monetary or other decisions for the Board.

For more information about the committee please review the  BAC Handbook and Bylaws that can be found in the Business and Operations section of the district website..

If interested, please submit a resume that lists applicable education, skills or experiences that you possess that would bring value to the committee, and any applicable experiences you have had leading and/or representing others. 

Please submit resumes to Pam Frazier at

If you have any questions regarding the role of the committee liaison or the application process, please contact Pam Frazier at