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November 14th, 2018

Welcome to The Paw Print! Here is what’s happening at Edgar Road:

On Monday and Tuesday, all classrooms will begin discussions around our new One Book, One School book This Is How We Do It by Matt Lamothe. Dr. Wuch will be going to each classroom to read the book and begin the discussions. The connection questions below go along with the book. As a school we will work with this book for the rest of the school year in each classroom.

November Home/School Connection Questions
Why are traditions important for families?
What are some traditions that we do as a family?
Of those traditions, what are your favorites?
How do you feel after some of our traditions (insert specific traditions)?
What are some traditions that you have heard your friends talk about?
How are your friend’s traditions different or similar than ours?
What traditions would you want to add to our family? Why?

From The Secretary
Do you love science? Are you interested in completing a science fair project this year? Come join District Science Fair coordinator, Shayla Pott, as she explains how to complete a science fair project and answer your questions on Wednesday, November 28th at 6:00 pm in the Edgar Road Elementary Library.

Our annual blood drive in memory of Julia Winkler is on November 29th from 3-7pm. Please consider giving back at this time through blood donation. Your donation can save up to three lives and all donors will receive a $5 Amazon gift card through their e-mail. Please sign up at and help us continue to honor a former student took to soon, and help others in need. Code: edgarrdelem
Kelly Lee

WG Gifted & Talented Nomination Deadline Reminder
We are fast approaching the deadline for nominations for the WG Gifted and Talented program (grades 1-12) and the Gifted Fine Arts program (grades 2-8) to be submitted. To be considered this school year, nomination forms must be submitted on or before December 17, 2018. This deadline will be honored so that the evaluation process can be completed in a timely manner.

Students may be nominated for the Webster Groves Gifted and Talented Program any time during the year. Nomination forms are available at each school building from the gifted specialist. Nomination forms can also be downloaded from the Webster Groves Gifted & Talented curriculum webpage.
We are now able to resume first grade NNAT3 screening and anticipate completing screening no later than Nov. 30. We encourage first grade parents to nominate after the NNAT3 screening has been completed. Students that meet the screening criteria will be notified no later than Dec. 10. Those students that do not meet the screening criteria may still be nominated.

The Gifted Fine Arts program (grades 3-8) evaluates students in the spring of each school year. Students will be screened this school year, with programming to begin in the fall of next school year. For example, students in grade 2 may be screened this year, with programming to begin in their 3rd grade year. The student interview portion of the evaluation process will take place during the school day on Feb. 28, 2019 and March 1, 2019 at the Webster Groves Service Center. Transportation will be provided. There will be interview sessions, in the morning and in the afternoon each day. We are unable to accept nominations for this program after the Dec. 17th deadline.
If you have more questions about the nomination process, please contact Kristy Jackson, Gifted Education Coordinator or the gifted specialist in your building.

11/14/18 Attachments
Attachments Include:
Science Fair how to night flyer
MLK Jr annual contest flyer

From the Counselor
We will start and continue our unit on kindness with all grade levels the rest of November and all of December. We will continue to review the term “Bucket Filling” from the book “Have you Filled a Bucket Today”. We will make lists to post in our classrooms of what Bucket Filling looks like. Some ideas are: smiling, inviting others to join us, using good manners and giving compliments. We talk about how when we fill other’s buckets we feel good and ours fills up too!
Ask your child:
“What does Bucket Filling look like at home?”
“ What kinds of things make you feel like your Bucket is Full?”
“ How can we fill other’s buckets in the community? At school? With our friends?”

PTO Update
ERS Trivia Night - March 2, 2019
The Trivia Night is our biggest fundraiser of the year. It is put on by the PTO and is always lots of fun! Keep your eyes and ears open for ways to help support this fun event and mark your calendars for 3/2/19!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Kenrick’s Meat Fundraiser. We raised almost $1,000 for the PTO!

What’s Happening In Our Café?
• Look for Cranberry Pear Fruit Salad TOMORROW at your salad bar!
•  Did you know that you can fill out at meal application for free or reduced meals any time during the school year? Find out more here.

District News
Should bad weather or other adverse conditions prompt us to consider closing schools, or having a late start, the District will make a decision as early as possible. Information will be passed along promptly via phone calls to all families with School Messenger, local media (KMOV, KSDK, KTVI, KMOX), our District website, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Everyone will be informed if this occurs.

Upcoming Events

Book Fair!!! - Online store open until November 23rd
All School PJ Day - TOMORROW Thursday, November 15th
No School - Friday, November 16th - No School
Wednesday, November 21st-Friday, November 23rd
Edgar Road Blood Drive - Thursday, November 29th 3:00-7:00 PM
Jet’s Pizza Night - Thursday, November 6th
Winter Parties - Friday, December 21st at 2:00 PM
Winter Break - Monday, December 24th- January 4th/ School resumes January 7th, 2019

Did you know WGSD has an app?? You can even personalize the app by identifying a school(s) and that the calendar, food, etc. will all be from our school. You can also sync the calendar to your calendar. It’s a great app! Here’s the video to show you what it offers:
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