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March 29, 2019

Happy Friday Hudson!  Below are highlights for next week at Hudson:


Upcoming Dates:

4/1:  Cardinal Spirit Day/Wear your Cardinals gear and/or red!


Wednesday Envelope Highlights

  • Softball
  • Health and Wellness Event
  • Art Class




Hudson Parent’s Night Out

Below are details about the next Parents Night Out organized by the Welcome Committee! 


When: Saturday, 30 March from 6:30 - ?

Where: Charleville Brewery and Tavern (owned by one of our very own Hudson families)

             2101 Chouteau Ave.

             St. Louis, MO 63103

Childcare option: Olympia Gymnastics Rock Hill has a Kids' Night Out from 6-10pm. You can register at


If you have questions, please contact Laura Gililland at or Rebecca Dohrman at


We look forward to seeing you all there!


Video Update:

Proposition E April 2, 2019 for Safety, Accessibility and Space

Proposition E, a no-tax-rate-increase bond issue on the ballot April 2, would improve safety, accessibility and other space issues in district buildings and relieve overcrowding in elementary schools. Six million dollars of the bond issue would be used for safety and accessibility enhancements that include secure doors and controlled, single point of entry vestibules for all buildings, asbestos abatement, secure interior and classroom doors, secure exterior doors, as well as elevators and chairlifts to improve accessibility, in accord with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. The bond issue would include $16 million to add space at Hixson Middle School so that sixth grade can be moved there and to convert the Steger Sixth Grade Center/Givens School campus into a single elementary building.


You can find additional information – as well as survey results, studies and other material – on the Proposition E page on our website, at this link



How did the Board of Education decide to put this proposition on the ballot?
The board’s vote to move forward with the proposition came after about a year of needs assessment/analysis by the district and several months of community discussions including meetings, focus groups and surveys. Superintendent John Simpson said that the decision represents “the best thinking and recommendations” of district administration regarding the path forward for maintaining, improving and right-sizing district facilities to support student learning and achievement.


How did the district determine the safety, space and accessibility priorities covered in the bond issue?
During the past year, the Building Advisory Committee (a citizens committee) has been actively engaged in the evaluation of district facility needs including a comprehensive Facilities Condition Assessment of existing district infrastructure (buildings and improvements). It subsequently evolved into a broader view of district-wide space, security, accessibility, health/safety and programmatic needs. This assessment was completed in April 2018 and included the identification and cataloguing of all major building systems/components and site improvements, the current condition and expected remaining useful life of each, an estimated cost of repair/replacement and a projected date such repairs/replacements would be needed on a year-by-year basis for the next 10 years.

Data collected regarding space and facility needs in the school district include:

  • Accessibility Needs (Fall 2018 by district)
  • Asbestos (August 2018 by district)
  • Safety and Security (July 2018 by Gallagher Bassett)
  • Safety and Security (Fall 2018 by Webster Groves Police Department)
  • Facilities Condition Assessment (April 2018 by EMG)
  • Enrollment Projections (updated January 2018 by Dr. Charles Kofron)
  • Additional Enrollment Data (June 2018 by district)
  • Programmatic Needs (updated September 2018 by district)

What safety, accessibility and space improvements would Proposition E fund?
Proposition E would provide $6 million for enhancements that include secure doors and controlled, single point of entry vestibules for all buildings, asbestos abatement, secure interior and classroom doors, secure exterior doors, as well as accessibility improvements such as elevators and chairlifts, in accord with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • If the district weren’t asking voters to approve a bond issue, wouldn’t the debt service tax rate roll back?
    Passage of Proposition E means the school district would maintain its current debt service levy of 56.99 cents. Absent a bond issue, the district would either need to roll back (reduce) the debt service levy or use what would be rolled back to pay off other existing bonds. The reduction of our debt service levy would need to be gradual if we went that route. We have estimated that beginning in 2021-22, WGSD would need to reduce the levy by about five cents if no new bonds were issued. On a $300,000 residential property, this would translate to about $29 in the pocket of the property owner. Naturally, the home owner would continue to see more property tax savings as time passed and the district continued reducing the levy.

If we chose to use that money to pay down other school district bonds, we would maintain the debt service levy at its current level to do so - 56.99 cents for several more years.


Check out Hudson ROCKS Guidance for monthly updates from Ms. Diemler.


Her page on the school website also provides information about the school counseling program at Hudson.  (Look for updated links mid-September as the district transitions to a new format from last year.)


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Enjoy the weekend!