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May 17, 2019

Good afternoon Hudson.  Below are highlights for our last week of the school year (can you believe it??)


Upcoming Dates:

  • 5/20:  Grade 4 to Forest Park
  • 5/20:  Fly Up Day @ 2:30 (During this time students will visit both classrooms of their grade level for next year.)
  • 5/21:  Grade 5 to Park
  • 5/21:  Archery Tournament @ 2:25
  • 5/22:  Kindergarten Zoo @ 8:30
  • 5/22:  Grade 2 to Cahokia Mounds
  • 5/22:  Grade 5 to City Museum @ 11:30
  • 5/23:  Fifth Grade to Bowling @ 12:00
  • 5/24:  Grade 5 Breakfast @ 8:30
  • 5/24:  Early Dismissal @ 11:45



Wednesday Envelope Highlights:

  • Webster Reads
  • Journalism Camp




Yearbooks Available

We have a few yearbooks left.  If you would like to purchase one, please send in $14 cash.  Thanks!


Third Grade Collaboration with WGHS

The video about the Hudson/High School collaboration is up on the district homepage and Youtube station.


Updated Lunch Menu for May 20-24


Chicken Patty

Sun butter Sandwich

Goldfish Fun Lunch



Sweet and Sour Chicken/Rice

Corn Dogs

Sun butter Veggie Fun Lunch




Pretzel Grill Cheese

Cereal Fun Lunch



Chicken Nuggets


Pizza Bagel Fun Lunch



Muffin Fun Lunch



Check out Hudson ROCKS Guidance for summer reading recommendations from Ms. Diemler.

Twitter Highlights


Enjoy the weekend!