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February 28, 2020

Happy Friday!  Below are highlights for next week at Hudson:


Upcoming Dates:

  • 3/6:  Grade  5 Open House:  8:15-9:15 (open to all visitors)


Wednesday Envelope Highlights:

  • Grade 1 Gifted
  • Spring Break Basketball Camp
  • Picture Day
  • Camp Invention



Spring Conferences

Hudson started out the year with Intake Conferences in August. Our team met with you to learn about your child. Teachers and families have shared these initial conferences were a great way to make personal connections with you while also getting to know students more quickly. We met with you again in November so that teachers could share with you the progress your child made during those first three months of school.

We will not have formal parent-teacher conference nights this spring. Please know that while we’re not having formal parent-teacher conference nights, we are always happy to meet with you regarding your child. We want to make sure you feel informed so that our partnership with you is as strong as possible. If you would like to meet with any of our teachers prior to progress reports being sent home in March, please contact them to make an appointment. Teachers are more than happy to set up a time with you.


📲 Hudson PTO Social Media Explainer:

We wanted to do a quick explainer on our social media channels, so we wanted to mention that in addition to the large private group for all Hudson parents, we have specific groups for each grade, too.

The private group for new incoming K parents in August 2020 is
(All of the other grades' groups have the same link format, but just change the year in the link to the year that cohort of kids will graduate Hudson.)

PTO also has a public Facebook PTO page which is located here: (We share things there like events or posts where we can tag sponsors publicly or things that are more meant for a public audience and not just our parents)

Lastly, we have a PTO page on Twitter which is located at Follow us there if Twitter is your jam.


PTO Buzz Book

The 2019-2020 Buzz Book is complete and can be accessed HERE . Save the link (not the document) as information may be updated throughout the year.


Hudson Counseling

Please see below for links to information from Claire, our counselor.

Hudson ROCKS Guidance


Volunteer Application

If you plan to attend field trips, volunteer in the classroom, etc., please use the following link to complete the necessary application


Twitter Highlights


Enjoy your weekend!