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Schedule For March 15-18: Tuesday is Virtual and Wednesday is In Person

We are sharing with you an important schedule change for next week. Tuesday, March 16 will now be a virtual learning day and will follow the Term 3 Wednesday virtual schedule.  The district is using our building to offer vaccination opportunities for all district staff that day.


The second round of vaccinations will occur on Friday, April 9.  That day will be virtual as well.


We also want to remind you that the end of Term 3 is March 18. This allows students to complete Term 3 final assessments prior to Spring Break.  Final assessments take place next week, with most Term 3 courses giving an assessment on March 17 and 18.



The schedule for next week is as follows:

  • March 16 is a virtual day (see schedule below).
  • March 17 is no longer an early release or virtual learning day. Students will follow the normal daily schedule for M,T,TH,F.
  • Final Assessments for Term 3 will occur on March 17 and 18.
  • There is no school on March 19.
  • Term 4 begins on March 29. We will share detailed information on the Term 4 schedule very soon. 


Please call us at 314.963.6400 with any questions.