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Weekly Note from Dr. Irvin

I am writing this as we are wrapping up our Class of 2023 parent program to preview the next four years, and I have a mixture of excitement and weight. In one realm, I am elated to share our current work and aspirations for students and families at Webster Groves High School that will join us as early as this summer. I am equally concerned about what our current Class of 2019 families would have envisioned for themselves. Four years ago, many may have harbored a specific vision of what the high school experience was going to be and for a very particular set of outcomes. And I would suggest, today, most of you would admit that the time here was very different from what you imagined as your student enters into their final semester. I hope that it has been a journey of triumph and constructive learning, possibly with the modest sting of disappointment in the latter. Reorienting after disappointment can lead to profound introspection and provide clarity around what is most important. I also anticipate that our teachers, coaches, and sponsors played a role in support of the successes and the trials along the way that will be elemental lesson for what lies ahead. I am grateful for this school and the people who come here every day to learn, teach, and share.



Matt Irvin