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March 19

As you are aware, the Webster Groves School District will officially close from March 18-April 3, 2020 due to the Coronavirus. Our spring break was scheduled for March 16-20, therefore, all of these plans will begin on March 23, 2020. Please continue to monitor your emails, text messages, etc. for further directives as the information we receive changes daily.

Here is an outline related to the following topics:

Learning: Please see the plans (links were emailed to you) for providing professional development on online learning for staff, support structures we have put in place for parents, and teacher/staff expectations during remote learning.

Buildings will be open for a specified time, as determined by your administrator. Emails were sent to you with plans and imperative information related to your access to your school/building. Please note the dates outlined in the email from your principal are the only dates provided for you to pick up any essential items you may need. Buildings will remain closed except for authorized reasons. If you are out of town during this time, please make arrangements with your administrator. ​Please note the status of the Coronavirus and its impact upon our community changes everyday. Please make every effort to access the school for your essential items, class pets, instructional materials, etc. prior to Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

Business Department and Human Resources​:
The links at left will provide you with the necessary resources with a variety of WGSD district related topics.

We do understand that this time can be stressful for any person. Please take some time to ensure you focus upon your own health and well-being. As a reminder, we do offer support via Live Health Online and our Employee Assistance Program: