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Preschool: "We Can Share" Drive

The Sycamore Room is collecting items that will be donated to people in need in our local community. They will be setting up a spot in all classrooms to collect donations. The children will then work to sort the donations we will be sharing with others in the lobby of school. Attached is the list of items to be donated. We appreciate your support and look forward to working together as a school community!! The children’s empathy and concern for others is truly inspiring. Below is a note from the Sycamore Room about how the drive came to be.

The Sycamore Room has been studying how people live, particularly those who are in need. One of our WeStories “Emma’s Poem” sparked many eye-opening discussions about their concern and empathy for other people. In the story, a young girl immigrated to the U.S. and did not have anything when she arrived. The children had many concerns and questions, and wondered about people who do not have homes and food.  Some of the questions included: "How do people eat that do not have food and water?", "Where do they live?", "How can we help?" Since then we have explored how poverty impacts children and adults. The children were so sad to learn that some people do not have a place to sleep, food to eat, or shoes to wear. The children quickly started talking about the things they would like to share from their homes to donate to other people.

Below are some things the children said they wanted to share:

“Give them food and clothes.”

“Make them toys.”

“Give them a bed and treats.”

“I can give them my giraffe blanket.”

“Give them my lovie and I get a new lovie.”

From those ideas we have come up with a list of items to be donated. We thought there is no better way to do this than to work together as a school community! Thank you so much for your support!!