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Preschool: Half-Day Openings

Looking for preschool???

Ambrose Family Center half day preschool is designed as a partnership with Special School District with the primary responsibility of facilitating a learning environment for children with special education rights and their peers. New this year we have been able to create two smaller classrooms serving 12 children – six of whom have special educational rights and six of whom will be peer models.  The smaller classrooms will have a certified early childhood special education teacher and two paraprofessional teachers once the classrooms are full. All of the children will play and learn together using the same curricular framework that all classrooms in the building follow.

With this new classroom we are looking for peer models. We are able to offer reduced general education tuition fees in the smaller classrooms (Dogwood & Pine) at a rate of $100 per month to attend 4 half days. We are able to do this as Ambrose doesn’t incur personnel costs; all staff is paid by Special School District. We appreciate your help in letting others know we have space in the preschool to accommodate more children – mornings and afternoon slots are available. Please click here to contact Aniecia Jordan, Program Assistant, for more information. Click here for an application.