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Regarding School Cancellation Today

Dear Families,

Upon learning of the boil order yesterday issued for parts of Maplewood, Shrewsbury and Webster Groves, we contacted Missouri American Water regarding the order’s effect on our schools.  I was told that our schools would be fine to operate today given none of them fell within the affected map on their web site.  When asked, I was also reassured that the map would not expand to include any of our schools.

About an hour ago, we were contacted by an administrator from another school within our area making us aware that the boil order had expanded to include their campus.  No one from Missouri American Water had reached out to us about the boil order and the expanded order was not on their web site or Facebook page.  We contacted Missouri American Water, gave the actual addresses of each school, and they told us that our schools in the City of Webster Groves were now under a boil order.  

As you can imagine, we immediately thought about the safety of our children and staff, which is why we made the decision to cancel school and cease use of drinking fountains, food service, etc. (all schools except Givens, Steger and Hudson in Rock Hill).

A few moments ago, the company’s Facebook feed and “latest alerts” portion of their web site noted that the boil order had been lifted.  I also just spoke with a supervisor from Missouri American Water who sincerely apologized for the miscommunication and shared that the affected zone had not expanded - which we were extremely happy to hear.    

As an extra precautionary measure, we will be flushing all sinks, drinking fountains, dishwashers and ice machines today.

Sorry for the inconvenience.