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Middle School Nurse honored

11/14/2023 - 

Hixson Middle School Nurse Amy Hensley has been recognized by the St. Louis Suburban School Nurses' Association with the Outstanding Service by a School Nurse Award.
Nurse Amy Hensley, renowned for her exceptional care and dedication to the well-being of middle school students, stands out for her unwavering commitment to providing a supportive and nurturing environment. The accolade is a testament to her outstanding service, and it will be officially conferred during the annual fall dinner conference.

Hensley's nominator spoke highly of her compassionate approach to caring for middle school students, acknowledging the unique challenges they face during the crucial adolescent years. The nominator highlighted Hensley's exceptional contributions to the annual sixth-grade camping trip, a three-night-four-day adventure accommodating over 100 middle school students. Hensley plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this event by offering first aid, emergency response, triage, and daily medications. Moreover, she provides essential counseling for students experiencing homesickness and panic attacks.

The preparation for the camp, which spans several weeks, involves meticulous coordination with parents to secure emergency action plans, emergency medications, and daily medications. Hensley's role is indispensable in making the camp accessible to students with various medical needs, and her dedication ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Dr. Shenita Mayes, expressing her admiration for Nurse Hensley, stated, "This is truly amazing, and Amy is more than deserving of this award. She is a valued member of the Hixson community, and we appreciate all that she does for us."

Nurse Amy Hensley's joy and love for her students serve as an inspiration to the entire school community, reflecting her commitment to fostering a healthy and supportive learning environment.