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Webster Groves School District adopts new Standard Response Protocols

8/23/2023 - 

The Webster Groves School District has adopted the “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s Standard Response Protocol (SRP). Students and staff will be training, practicing, and participating in drills using the new protocol.

Common Language

The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is based on an all- hazards approach as opposed to individual scenarios. The premise is simple - there are five specific actions that can be performed during an incident. The SRP is based on the following actions: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter. 


Beginning this school year, the district has also begun to use the Raptor Emergency Alert system to rapidly alert staff of incidents. The system allows for leaders to effectively manage drills and instantly notify first responders of potential incidents. The district is able to utilize Raptor due to state funding.

More information on keeping our students and staff safe can be found here.