April 22-26

Posted by Kelly Williams on 4/22/2019 3:30:00 PM

Team News: 

MAP News:  Team Sirius will test on April 23 (ELA) and April 30 (Math)

For testing, students will need:

1. A working mouse

2. Headphones or Earbuds

3. Pencil

School will provide:

1. Scratch Paper

2. Calculators

**According to DESE, smart phones, smart watches, mp3s, or any other device that connects to the internet are prohibited in the testing environment. **

American History: This week in American History students will be learning about Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and analyzing the New Deal. We have a very short quiz tommrow, study guides were handed out last Tuesday. We will wrap up our unit this Friday and start WWII Monday 4/29, the students are very excited!

We will have our 1920's and Great Depression asessment next Wednesday 5/1. Study guides will be handed out tommrow and due Monday 3/23. Thanks for your continued support!

ELA: Due to a misunderstanding in the testing window, Students did not take the SRI last week, as originally planned.  We have postponed it until early May, after MAP.

Students are expected to complete their nonfiction texts this week.  For some, that may mean bringing them home one evening.  The major skills we've practiced with this unit is finding the central idea and summarizing information in a complex text.  

Math: Without skipping a beat, we started with concepts in Unit 7. It is such a natural progression from Expressions and Equations to Rational Numbers. Students applied their ideas about positive and negative numbers today to various problems. The rest of the week we will move into more complex problems. We will also develop and understanding of absolute value.  

Science:  We took our assessment on Rock Strat and Fossil Record today.  I am going to try to have them graded and on the Portal by Wednesday.  Grades have been updated to include the EcoBottle presentations and the 2 Natural Selection scores.  Our next Menu begins tomorrow:  Internal Processes and Plate Tectonics.  We will spend about two and a half weeks on it and assess the second week of May.  That will leave us just over a week for external processes.