Sirius News and Updates

Posted by Bridget Finocchiaro on 1/6/2020 5:00:00 PM

Team News:



The "Feastival" was a huge success!  Thanks to all our amazing families who helped make this celebration happen for our students.   


Ms. Williams is in need of A LOT of clear, 2-Liter bottles.  We need about 100 for our ecobottle project.  Thanks!

American History: This week in American History Students will create a newscast surrounding the events that lead to the end of the Spanish-American War. Information about the project will be handed out tomorrow during class. Students will be able to bring devices into class to help them record their videos. All devices must be turned into my lockbox in the morning if students plan to use the device during class. The due date for the project will be this Monday, January 13th.

ELA: Students will continue with the writing process for their Literary Essay.  This week, we'll be working on our Introductions and Conclusions.  We'll also begin typing.  The final, typed essay will be due on January 17.

Reading Log #8 will be assigned on Friday, January 10 and due the following Friday, January 17


MATH: We had a great start back today. In all math classes, students were active and engaged. Students explored situations to help them develop generalizations about division. Although the steps to solving a division equation are simple, our unit on Dividing Fractions has a focus of developing number sense with rational numbers. If you would like to get summaries of our lessons or the family math materials, you could check my helpful sites: CLICK HERE to access my links library.

Math homework continues to be nightly. Help sessions are Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7:15-7:35. I also have help sessions for 20 minutes after school on most days, and I meet with students upon request most lunches and recesses.


Science:  We are finishing up Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration this week.  Our test is scheduled for Monday.  The kids are still struggling with remembering the reactants and products for each process.  They really need to study this week to get it down.

The only homework is to bring in an empty 2-Liter Bottle by next Monday.  This, of course, is not required, and not for a grade, but we cannot do the project without them.  When you send them in, please rinse them, remove the label, and send in the the cap too.  Thanks!