Sirius News and Updates 01/21-01/24

Posted by Bridget Finocchiaro on 1/21/2020 4:00:00 PM

Team News:

1. We have enough 2-Liter Bottles!  Thanks to everyone who contributed!  If your family has more, I'm sure Atlas and Polaris would love some donations.  Also, thanks to everyone who braved the cold to bring in baggies of soil.  There is still time to bring it in (if the ground thaws enough).


2. Steger's Heart and Sole (Girls on the Run, Grades 6-8) season will begin in February.  We are currently looking for parent volunteers to help coach our team. If you are interested and would like more information, please visit the GOTR site or contact Head Coach and Site Liaison, Bridget Finocchiaro at  You may register by clicking here. All coaches must register by February 9, 2020.  

Registration for Girls on the Run’s middle school program, Heart and Sole, starts on Friday, January 17, 2020, and runs through February 19, 2020, at 12:00 P.M.  Practices begin on February 25, 2020, and will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-4:00PM. The 10-week season ends the week of May 14th.  All registrations must be completed through the website and spots on the team are awarded through a lottery.  The GOTR program also offers need-based scholarships to any girl who applies

American HistoryThis week in American History students will be learning about trench warfare and the harsh conditions that soldiers had to endure during there time overseas. This Friday we will have a quiz over the causes of WW1 and why the U.S. entered the war. A study guide was handed out in class on Monday.

ELA: Due to last Friday's school cancellation and my absence today, the due date for the literary essay is tomorrow, Wednesday, January 22.  Later in the week, we'll initiate our work with nonfiction book groups.  In these groups, students will be assinged a nonfiction text and are expected to maintain the reading goal and participate in group conversations.

Reading Log #8 was assigned on Friday, January 10 should have been turned in today upon our return from the long weekend.  Reading Log #9 will be assigned on January 24

 MATH: We had a great start back today. In all math classes, students were active and engaged. Students explored situations to help them develop generalizations about division. Although the steps to solving a division equation are simple, our unit on Dividing Fractions has a focus of developing number sense with rational numbers. If you would like to get summaries of our lessons or the family math materials, you could check my helpful sites: CLICK HERE to access my links library.

Math homework continues to be nightly. Help sessions are Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7:15-7:35. I also have help sessions for 20 minutes after school on most days, and I meet with students upon request most lunches and recesses.


Science: The kids got their Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration Assessments back today.  They filed them in their assessment folders, but they can bring them home if you want to see them.  The portal will be updated tonight.  Anyone wishing to revise may do so during Lunch/Recess in my room on Thursday. 

We officially started planning our EcoBottles today.  The kids have a little bit of homework tonight on their Innovators Compass.  Directions are on the Portal.  If you are interested in helping with this project, these are the materials we will be using:

1. Empty, Clear 2 Liter Bottles

2. Containers of soil from your yard

3. Packets of seeds

4. Tubes of clear silicone sealant

5. Clear Flex Tape

6. Gift cards for PetCo (for water plants)

7. Gift cards for Home Depot (for sealants)

8. Distilled Water

All of these materials will be "community supplies" and used by the whole team.