Jan. 14, 2019

Avery Parents for Racial Equity

January 14, 2019


Those present: Elisa Tomich, Amanda Vadar, Kersten Horn, Tracy Baden, Heath Borders, Lindsey Brand, Anne Wamser, Courtney Schaefer, Dana Lippold, Jessica Miller, Nytasha Taylor,

Jennifer Patrick


Ed Johnson of Webster-Rock Hill Ministries was not about to make the meeting tonight due to a school board meeting but plans to join us in February.


Update on hat/glove drive: Very successful; teachers were able to give out supplies on

Friday before kids walked home in the snow and we still have plenty to give out the

remaining months of winter. Recommendation was made to consider doing something

similar in the spring with rain ponchos.


Black History Month program update: Mrs. Baden has emailed teachers to ask for

availability to be matched with speakers; many have responded; she will send another

reminder. Teachers should have books available for speakers to read (especially in K-2);

another focus could be how the speaker decided on that career/the path they took to

get there. Amanda dealing with logistical details of parking, picture ID, etc. Plan for 2

emails: 1 to speakers and 1 to teachers. Please continue to update the google doc with

recommendations for speakers.


Reminder to take photos at our events.


Diversity book fair: we hope to have this during the leadership day program (many

parents will be in the building); this is scheduled for Friday, April 5. Should we consider

expanding it to Thursday afternoon, too? Group is open to this. Let Elisa know if you can

volunteer to help (many at the meeting already signed up).


Reminder about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Celebration on Sunday, Jan. 20:

March from City Hall to Steger/Givens followed by a dinner/reception; march begins at



Should we consider doing something “social” for our group? Could do parents only but

family-oriented might be more inclusive. Plan for a BBQ in early May? Rec center has

indoor spaces for gatherings. Recommendation was made to distribute flyers during

school Valentine’s party. Recommendation made to collaborate with Webster-Rock Hill

Ministries for something social.


Book club discussion on White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided

America – Jan. 27, 3 – 4pm. Location TBD.


Housing Advocacy Fair – Sunday, Feb. 3 from 1 – 3 pm at Eden Theological Seminary.

Family-friendly event.


Discussed topic of attendance awards at school and this being an equity issue. How can

we solve for this problem? Recommendation for ride sharing, Uber fund, etc.

Recommendation was made to get in touch with Ed Johnson at Webster-Rock Hill

Ministries to be our liaison with families in the community that could use our support.

Next meetings: Monday, 2/11 and WEB meeting at Edgar Road on 3/5