Sept. 9, 2019

Avery Parents for Racial Equity

September 9, 2019

Meeting Notes


Those in attendance: Gayle Flavin, Julia Maki, Jen Patrick, Nytasha Taylor, Danna Lippold, Ed Johnson, Tracy Baden, Amy Estllund, Heath Borders, Ashley Prulliere, Kevin Starks, Elisa Tomich


Welcome and Introductions:

o Tasha Taylor will be co-leading the group along with Elisa Tomich this year.

o Elisa discussed the history of the group: In 2017, several Avery parents had attended a

Webster Equity Bridge Group meeting and felt there was a need at the school-level for a

parent group to help support and give voice to equity issues. Some things the group has

been able to implement in the last 2 years include a diversity book fair, Black History

Month presentations/community visits, multi-cultural crayons/pencils for every


Needs Assessment update:

o Amy Estlund presented the results of the “Avery Elementary School Racial Equity

Assessment.” Please see copy of PowerPoint for results. A big take-away/finding of the

study is that families of color do not feel included in school events, community, etc.

o Discussion of curriculum: It is mostly up to the teacher to determine how, when, and

how much time is devoted to integrating lessons with multi-cultural themes, images,

literature, etc. but teachers are more aware and in general doing a better job of this.

One suggestion was to ask your child’s teacher about how they ensure this is integrated

in their curriculum to let them know it is important to you/your family.

o Dr. Starks enlisted the help of a teacher’s aide to reach out to families of color at the

beginning of the school year. He is also starting a “Parent University” to build bridges

between home and school, help problem solve and offer assistance with things such as

helping students with homework, etc.


Review of Mission Statement:

o Elisa showed the group where to find our mission/vision statement on the Avery

Website. Think about the statements and we can edit them as the group deems

appropriate next month. One suggestion is to specifically mention community building

(per feedback from assessment).


Ideas for Next Year:

o The group wrote down some ideas on post-its of things they would like to see this group

accomplish in the next year as well as things they would like to see district-wide and

community-wide. We will discuss/cull these at our next meeting.


Open items

o Update on Mural: multi-cultural mural is going up on the playground

o Elisa will explore the option of having a presentation for this group, parents, teachers

this fall

o Should this group explore more municipal based issues (pool)?


o Please invite others to join the group; personal invitations go a long way

o There is a district-wide group for Equity in Education if anyone is interested in attending

o October is Global Diversity Awareness Month

o Meetings are typically on Mondays, once a month; next meeting is 10/14; we will meet

in the school library or Webster Rock Hill Ministries.