Dec. 9, 2019

Avery Parents for Racial Equity

December 9, 2019

Meeting Notes


Those in attendance: Kathy Ecker, Jen Patrick, Julia Maki, Ashley Prulliere, Tracy Baden, Tasha Taylor, Elisa Tomich, Heath Borders. 



  • Welcome. 
  • Debrief of November Event (Go from Bystander to Upstander): All agreed that the event was a success; we liked the format. It was real, not superficial or preachy. People felt open to sharing their own experiences and we thought it provided appropriate ways to engage people without putting up walls. Should we plan another event? The sentiment was yes, but it would be a good idea to plan something for kids – particularly 5 th graders. Tasha will touch base with Dr. Starks about this. Someone mentioned a group of students at the High School that might be helpful. 
  • Financials: See details at the end of this document. We only have $263 left for this school year. We are planning a fundraising event over winter break. Students can go to Rock-N-Jump in Shrewsbury on 12/27 and jump for 2 hours between the times of 4 – 8. We’ll pass out flyers during the winter party, post on Facebook pages and send info in the Avery Newsletter. Ubuntu submitted a funding request for the Black Rep to return - PTO will provide. 
  • Book Source: This company would come to the school and scan all book titles (classroom, library, etc.) and will provide information on if there are gaps either in subject matter or diversity and will suggest a book list. Do we want this service? Reading Specialists are already ordering new leveled readers now and taking diversity measures into consideration. Kathy Ecker will check with the district ELA coordinator about the school-level book scan.
  • Upcoming Dates and Ideas: One Book: Edgar Road did this. The school gave families a book to read and then they were invited to participate in a discussion. We discussed the idea of being more inclusive with our events. Let’s explore something a bit more fun and engaging like a Bingo night or a movie night or a sporting event at Bell Park.
  • Rockin Jump: See above under Financials.
  • MLK Service Project: We won’t do a formal event this year but let’s plan to coordinate a group walk during the Webster Groves MLK parade event on the Sunday before MLK day.
  • Black History Month: We want to do a speaker series event again but looking for ways to simplify and streamline the planning. Someone suggested just picking one day where we have several speakers and classrooms rotate to hear them speak. Kathy and Tracy will work with Dr. Starks on a picking a day and helping to coordinate teacher schedules. They will also reach out to Bristol and Hudson to see how they coordinated their events. If anyone has ideas for someone who would be a good speaker, get in touch with Elisa and Tasha.






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