Jan. 13, 2020

Avery Parents for Racial Equity

January 13, 2020

Meeting Notes


Those in attendance: Christine Keller, Brian Keller, Annie Holder, Kersten Horn, Amanda Vader, Danna Lippold, Nytasha Taylor, Elisa Tomich. 



  • Welcome and recap


  1. Rockin Jump Fundraiser: We raised $365 from the Winter Break Energy Burn event. 
  2. Planning for another anti-racism workshop with Steve McLemore and Tanja Casey. Possible dates are February 24, March 2nd, March 3rd. This could be a family event for older kids and childcare will be provided. 
  3. Dare to Dream Speaker Series in February: Planning for February 24. Each class could potentially have up to 2 speakers during the day. Annie Holder is the main teacher contact for this event. If anyone has ideas for potential speakers, please contact Annie or cc her on the email to the person. 
  4. Bingo night: We would like to plan for an event that brings the school together for a night of fun. March 27th is a potential date. PTO might have supplies or we could use leftover trivia prizes. Another idea is a Beach Bingo (families bring their own beach towels and snacks to avoid extra table set-up). We’ll have to be prepared to pay for the time for the custodians for clean-up. Tasha and Elisa will check with Dr. Starks. Please let Elisa know if you are able to help with this event. 
  5. Book Source update: This is a service that provides insight on any gaps in school literature (either subject matter or diversity related). Biggest drawback is the amount of time/resources needed for scanning the books. This needs to filter through the Administration. We’ll hold on this until the new curriculum/Leveled Readers are ordered. 
  6. Diversity Book Fair: Plan to have this in conjunction with the new Passion Day/Leadership Day on May 15th? Check with Dr. Winker. 
  7. MLK day: Several families will be participating the march from Town Hall to Steger on Sunday, January 19 at 4:30.
  8. Looking Ahead/Succession: Elisa and Tasha would like to start thinking about long-term planning for leadership for this group. Ideally someone could shadow them next year and start taking over some of the duties at the end of the next year. We also need to think about more ways to include and get a diverse group of parents at the table. Elisa to get more information on how Edgar Road reached out to their parents of color.
  9. Next meeting dates: 2/10 (hopefully at Webster Rock Hill Ministries) and 3/9.