Feb. 10, 2020

Avery Parents for Racial Equity

February 10, 2020

Webster Rock Hill Ministries


Those in attendance: Paul Marske, Kate Johnson, Ashley Prulliere, Kersten Horn, Julia Maki, Ed Johnson, Danna Lippold, Ossie Hudson, Tracy Baden, LaQonna Anderson, LaTonya Robinson, Jennifer Patrick, Elisa Tomich



  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Minutes from last meeting are posted
  • Beach Bingo – Friday March 27 
  • Most likely will be 7 – 9 but will try to get the gym a little earlier
  • Families can bring their own beach towels, snacks, etc.
  • Paul M. will check with Jet’s Pizza about getting a reduced price for pizzas to sell 
  • Prizes: leftover from auction? Explore possibility of gift cards (movies, Target, etc.). 
  • We can have teachers be the guest caller, etc.
  • Dare to Dream update:
  • 2nd speaker series for Black History Month
  • Ubuntu Committee is scheduling the speakers/doing the planning this year
  • All speakers will be in the school on Monday 2/24
  • Most grades will have the opportunity to hear from 2 speakers
  • Teachers are preparing welcome bags and planning for student leaders to greet/show them around
  • Side note: Mrs. Baden talked with someone at a local African American Museum (Griot Museum of Black History); although they are not coming for the speaker series, we should explore the opportunity for a speaker to present a separate time or plan field trips to the museum. 
  • Anti-bias workshop update: This won’t be happening this month as planned. The speakers were not able to use the materials from their employer. 
  • Book Fair: 
  • Plan for May 15 with Eyeseeme to coincide with Kids in the Lead Showcase at school
  • Webster University Diversity and Inclusion Conference
  • This is coming up; please plan to attend if you can
  • We could get ideas for speakers’ events for our school
  • Redistricting
  • Plan to attend meetings or email administrators about your thought on this
  • Our group should plan for equity issues that may result from these changes
  • Webster Equity Bridge group could also help 
  • Open questions/issues
  • How can be better communicate with families about events? Get information to WRHM, newsletters, etc. 
  • Discussion on homework, discrepancies between teachers about homework philosophy.
  • Communication with school/teachers: recommendation was made to follow up via email with your student’s teacher. 
  • The group would like to hear from Anna Wallace and Dr. Starks next time about how they are increasing positive interactions between students.