July 21, 2020

Avery Parents for Racial Equity  
July 21
Zoom conference

In attendance:  Heath Borders, Ashley Prulliere, Julia Maki, Lindsay Brand, Danna Lewis, Nytasha Taylor, LaQonna Miller, Tracy Baden, Ingrid Dietz, Al Creales.

Each of us shared how we’re doing. It’s been a tough five months.

The book discussion of How To Be an Antiracist has been a good way to connect and grow. Overall, about 20 have joined the zoom discussions, though most haven’t been able to attend all three. What to read next? Recommendations will be compiled and a vote taken via email and Facebook.

Tasha reminded everyone of our resources page. It can be found by going to the Avery website, the About Us tab, and then Avery Parents for Racial Equity. What’s missing on this page?  Please check it out, promote the page, and let Tasha or Elisa know if you have ideas or suggestions.

Tasha brought up social media. Since summer began, our Facebook group has quadrupled, going from about 20 members to about 80. This is a great opportunity to engage those who don’t attend our meetings. Post often! Use the page to let people know about Black-owned businesses, social justice messages, meetings and events that are of importance.

We discussed programming for October and November. Elisa will reach out to other equity groups at Webster Groves schools to see if they’d be interested in doing joint programming - virtual could open up all kinds of opportunities. We discussed needs - mental health is a big one, in addition to antiracism.

Julia has been trained as a facilitator to help lead YWCA's Witnessing Whiteness sessions, and inquired about putting Avery on a waiting list to offer this to our school community this spring.