September 14, 2020

Avery Parents for Racial Equity

September 14, 2020

Zoom conference


Attendees: Nytasha Taylor, Elisa Tomich, Ingrid Dietz, LaQonna Miller, Alba Creales, Lindsey Brand, Julia Maki, Amy Estlund, Bryce Takenawa, Ashley Prulliere, Dottie Quick, Amanda Vader, Jennifer Patrick, Kathy Simmons, Gayle Flavin, Danna Lippold, Meagan Lozano, Christine Novalis, Erin, Katie Stamatakis.  


Nytasha Taylor and Elisa Tomich welcomed everyone to the meeting. The mission and vision statement on the Equity Homepage was discussed and everyone was asked to read through it and come next month with suggestions for additions/deletions/improvements. 


The ‘Ally and Antiracism Resources’ tab on the Avery Parents for Racial Equity page was referenced. Everyone was encouraged to find books, articles, documentaries, shows, etc. to add to this page.


Amy Estlund and Bryce Takenawa presented the needs assessment survey. The presentation was recorded and the powerpoint slides are available. The details of how data was collected, and the efforts exerted to reach as many families and staff as possible was outlined. 


There were 64 parent responses and 30 staff responses, which was an increase in staff participation, but a decrease in parent participation. Building ‘community’ through community meetings and utilizing WRHM as a resource to gain perspective of POC was discussed, as well as addressing resistance to change, overt racism, and ignorance of racism within our school community.


It was discussed that we are missing people because we are failing to connect appropriately. Building bridges based on shared experience (being parents, groups we’re in, etc.) will help build community. 


Dr. Shane Williamson has been hired as the new Director of Equity and Inclusion. As a group, it was discussed that we should develop a relationship with Dr. Williamson. 


A virtual book fair through EyeSeeMe bookstore was briefly discussed and the new Cbabi Bayoc mural at the school was mentioned. The ABAR initiative for staff and students was also mentioned.


We discussed advocating for continued PTO support to offset costs of field trips for students. We also discussed ways to make the availability of funds for Fall Festival and other school events more widely known, so that students/families that need assistance are aware and can participate in school wide events.


Virtual/Zoom meetings are difficult for many people and meetings in the evenings during the week can also be challenging, especially during a pandemic. We discussed how to make meetings more accessible by having them outside at a park and on weekends. We also discussed the power of personal invitation to encourage other parents to join/participate, in addition to the Avery newsletter/blast calls/email/facebook.