October 6, 2021

Avery Parents for Racial Equity

October 11, 2021

Avery library


In attendance:  

Jennifer Patrick, Danna Lippold, Julia Maki, Danica Johnson, Jessica Gunther, Libby Dowdall. Hannah Peterson. Megan Lozano, Elisa Tomich, missing one more person!


The October Equity Meeting was held in person in the Avery Library. There were 10 attendees. At the last meeting the focus was on group objectives, primarily building connections within the group and within the school and community.

Everyone participated in an ice breaker that involved filling out ‘wheels’ with how we viewed our social identities and personal identities and then breaking into groups of two to see where our wheels overlapped. 

A Saturday morning event was planned for 11/6/21 at Ivory Crockett Park, from 9-1130 am. It will be a community, kid friendly event with coffee, bagels, donuts, etc. The group considered yard games, craft options, bubbles for activities. A shared google document will be created for people to add ideas or items they can bring. In case of inclement weather, the event will be cancelled.

Derek Bastian is the new executive director of WRHM, and Elisa has been in contact with him to discuss how we can be useful. He is interested in partnering with equity groups and is willing to help spread the word about meetings. He suggested members from the equity group partnering with WRHM staff to knock on doors, introduce ourselves and work to become engaged with the community so we can be the most effective at building and repairing relationships. A member suggested creating door hangers with our information if no one is home, or if they do not answer. We would start with families Derek has an existing relationship with, then to Avery, Hixon, WGHS families, then the entire community.

Avenues of communication to ensure we’re reaching the largest number of people were discussed, including: WRHM, Avery newsletter (PULSE), text blast, signs in yards, flyers in mailboxes, and backpack mail.

The group discussed the Webster Equity Bridge (WEB) and the potential for a speaker series, which has been done before, to draw people district wide. This would be something our equity group would help fund. 

WEB is an umbrella group to connect all individual equity groups across schools and the help coordinate and plan larger events together. The group discussed the potential for a community wide book read, sponsored through WEB, with ‘The Sum of Us’ as an option. 

Equity in Action is a new district led equity group. Dr. Shane Williamson, DEI, is co leading this groups with Tina Clark Scott. There are initiatives taking shape through EIA, including and social emotional survey to assess how connected, supported, safe students feel and to address deficiencies in these areas. At Avery, students will be asked if they have a trusted adult in the school, and getting one if they do not, asking about their sense of belonging, if their needs are met, and if they feel connected to their school community.

The ABAR program was briefly discussed. A member asked if parents could have information about what is discussed in the classroom so they could expand on topics and have similar language for at home conversations. The group discussed pushback and misinformation regarding race education and our desire to support our kids, educators, and teaching staff. 

A member mentioned a facebook group centered around helping people stay informed about legislation in Missouri and write letters/send emails to mobilize support for legislation we support.

The group discussed how our focus may change in the future, but now it is focused on race due to the history of the area. We also discussed partnering with the Givens equity group to form additional connections.