March 15, 2022

Avery Parents for Racial Equity
March 15, 2022
Zoom meeting

In attendance:

Hannah Peterson, Ingrid Deetz, Libby Dowdall, Courtney Schaeffer, Christine Novalis, Amanda Vader, Jennifer Patrick, Danica Johnson, Elisa Tomich. 


The meeting took place over zoom. We began with an ice breaker: what color best describes your mood today? 

Elisa provided results from the Diversity Book Fair with EyeSeeMe, which took place over two days during parent-teacher conferences. Sales revenue was $1,861.20 - and we have $279.18 in book credits. The group considered several options but ultimately chose to give the credits to Mrs. Pupillo for the library. 

The group discussed the April 5 School Board elections. We will not be endorsing candidates as a group. Instead, we’ll circulate information on how others can learn more about those running. 

Continue discussion on mission and vision discussion, as well as leadership. No one has raised their hand to help with leadership next year. The online discussion about mission/vision via Padlet continues. 

Libby Dowdall updated the group on the Avery PTO movie night on April 29. She’s representing the equity group in selecting the moving and planning event. We discussed ways the equity group could contribute. Glow sticks might be an option. 

Our final meeting of the year will be rescheduled to Monday, April 18.