April 18, 2022

Avery Parents for Racial Equity

April 18, 2022

Zoom meeting


In attendance:  

Dr. Hannah Peterson, Amanda Vader, Ingrid Dietz, Libby Dowdell, Danica Johnson, Danna Lippold, Christine Novalis, Elisa Tomich. 

The meeting took place over zoom. The opening icebreaker: What one food could you not live without? 

The group brainstormed ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week, the first week of May. Dr. Hannah Peterson emphasized the importance of expressing appreciation this year. Teachers and staff have been navigating covid and everything else teachers are expected to do. The theme will be “Teachers are out of this world.”

The group decided that Avery Parents for Racial Equity would get cupcakes for all staff from Sweet Art, a Black-owned business. We will deliver them on Tuesday, May 3, before 10:45 a.m. 

Elisa will be looking for volunteers to deliver the cupcakes and to help with signs expressing thanks. The message could be something like:  Thank you for your tireless efforts to keep our kids safe and help them learn. We appreciate every discussion that exposed Avery students to diverse perspectives and rich discussions on difference. Thank you!!!!”

Libby Dowdell reminded everyone that movie night will be April 29 – the movie is Encanto. 

For summer, we discussed doing a group read or group moving discussion. We’re going to look for a book that also has a movie. 

We discussed back to school, and whether to continue purchasing multicultural crayons and pencils for classrooms. Dr. Peterson said teachers really appreciate getting these. We decided to do it for fall. 

On our Facebook page, Amanda Vader had shared a book swap event at Bristol. Danna suggested doing them before long breaks - winter and summer. We decided to host one of these in December in the gym lobby. Students would come through during the day and select books. School would collect them for a week before the event. 

We discussed connecting with and pulling in parents of color, which has been a challenge this year. Danica challenged the group to think about how to intersect with parents who we are trying to recruit. 

Elisa asked how members of the group felt about expanding our mission to include other groups, and go beyond race. This could potentially fold others into the work. Dr. Peterson suggested contacting Dr. Shane Williamson with the school district for her thoughts and perspective.