Dec 12, 2023

December 12, 2023, Meeting Notes

Attendees: Libby Dowdall, Julia Maki, Dr. Hannah Peterson, Cara Lantz, Amanda Ehll, Molly Schroeder, Gayle Flavin

  1. Advancing Accessibility: Building accessibility initiative

    1. Update from strategic planning committee meeting (Molly)

      1. Molly serves as a parent representative for Ambrose. 

      2. One of the topics at the last meeting was to review progress on strategic area of interest around accessibility of built environment. 

      3. All buildings have had an external review of building needs

      4. Building advisory committee will review and generate the larger plan sometime during 2024

      5. One thing that was discussed between Dr. P and the planning people who visited was moving the ADA accessible parking spot

        1. It isn’t impossible but it could create a domino effect that would have cost associated, could be up to $150-250k.

        2. Other items of interest: Accessible access to playground estimated around $75-125k, adding an ADA accessible parking spot at Bompart by the secure vestibule (i.e., wheelchair accessible curb) is around $15-25k.

        3. Work would need to be bid out if it’s going to be paid by district. If funding is coming from PTO or private donors, bidding process may not be necessary?

        4. If someone qualified is interested in helping with the work it could be possible to move forward that way.

      6. What’s our role in this effort?

        1. Dr. P will alert the group when there are opportunities to voice support.

        2. We can continue to be vocal about the need and enthusiasm from the community.

        3. There will likely be work to do in the future, but not totally clear yet.

  1. Discussion: Potential fundraising activities next year 

    1. T-shirts/sweatshirts/stickers

      1. Cara’s wife has created a t-shirt design concept. Based on discussion at last meeting, our next steps were to reach out to see how to get a design in the PTO spirit wear shop. We think this is handled by Maureen Jones. Zoey’s Attic takes the design and produces orders on demand.

      2. ACTION ITEM: Julia will connect Cara with Maureen. 

    2. Fundraising in general: How big of a component of our work do we want this to be? There are lots of really great things we could do, but will require more work than we’ve previously put in to fundraising. Also want to make sure we avoid excluding folks in the process. 

      1. Gayle’s PTO event checklist is working on addressing this: Who’s able to access events/programs, and who’s not – finding a way for as many people to participate as possible. 

      2. Where has our money gone in the past? 

        1. Teacher gifts are a major part (multicultural art supplies)- this year the cost was around $500. Higher than it had been in the past. Teachers are also now adding some of these items to school supply lists. Per Dr. P, there isn’t as much of a need for these anymore or the cost could be covered via school budget.

        2. We could reduce frequency, or switch to different items. There is interest in investigating whether there’s a need for sensory friendly tools, e.g., noise-canceling headphones. Dr. P can find out if there’s a need.

c. There is general agreement that it’s worth planning some bigger goals next year and doing fundraising to pay for them.

  1. Aligning for Impact

  1. Updates from PTO liaisons, if any (Gayle, Allison)

    1. The checklist of questions for PTO events/activities Gayle developed is completed! This will be shared with all the other school PTOs for them to use or adapt as well.

    2. Gayle had success in using it for the first time planning the recent PTO hot chocolate bar for the teachers.

  2. Update from district-wide equity group (Libby) 

    1. Districtwide equity-focused event will be Feb. 12, 6:30-8 p.m. at Givens.

    2. Save-the-date with more info coming soon.

    3. Event purpose is to look back 10 years post Ferguson: Where are we now? Hoping to hear from WGHS students on their perspectives about justice and equity and then end with ideas for how parents can activate their families to work for justice and equity in our district and region.

  3. Looking ahead: Upcoming activities in the spring

    1. Fostering inclusion: EyeSeeMe book fair

      1. Early March

      2. Start a subgroup meeting to start planning 

        1. ACTION ITEM: Libby will reach out to set up a meeting with Molly, Allison, and Julia to begin planning.