Eagle Eye 2019-04-10

Posted by Matt Loveland on 4/10/2019

Join the PTO Executive Committee

It's that time of year where we need to start looking for our future PTO Executive Committee members. We will be looking to fill several positions - Co Jr. Presidents and Jr. Communications. If you are interested or have questions about any of these positions, please reach out to the 2018-2019 PTO Executive Committee members for details. PTO Executive Committee members serve two-year terms, first as junior and the second as the senior. This ensures a smooth transition between members and allows new members a year to learn the position. Additional information about each position will be provided in the near future.

Gaga Ball Pit is OPEN!!!!

Did you wonder what that new square concrete slab was? Did it peak your interest when it was covered with a blue surface? Well, the wait is over as the Clark Gaga Ball Pit is now open! Check out these photos of a game in action.

Gaga ball is a fast paced game similar to dodgeball where kids (and adults) hit the ball and try to get people out by hitting them under the knees. The games go quickly so players have to keep moving in order to stay in.

Rules of the game:

  • All players start with one hand touching a wall of the pit.
  • The game begins with the ball tossed into the center of the pit.
  • When the ball enters the pit, the players scream 'GA' for the first two bounces, and 'GO' on the third bounce, after which the ball is in action.
  • Once the ball is in play, any player can hit the ball with an open or closed hand.
  • If a ball touches a player below the knee (even if the player hits himself or herself) he or she is out and leaves the pit. If a player is hit above the knees, the play continues.
  • If a ball is caught on a fly, the player who hit the ball is out.
  • Using the walls of the octagon to aid in jumping is legal as long as the player does not permanently sit on the ledge of the octagon.
  • Players cannot hold the ball.
  • If needed, a second ball can be thrown in the pit to expedite the end of the game. The last player standing is the winner of that round.

Health and Wellness Event - This Saturday

The Webster Groves School District's Wellness Committee will be hosting its first Health and Wellness Event on April 13. The event will take place at Edgar Road Elementary school from 9am-noon. All district families and community members are encouraged to attend this FREE event, no RSVP or sign up needed.

You won't want to miss the 2 Keynote speakers from 9am-9:45am, discussing both Opioids and Addiction as well as the 5 basic physiological functions that can help your mental health. Children/Students are more than welcome to come and listen to either speaker's presentation with their family.

From 10am-noon, there will be breakout sessions and resource tables from community organizations, free raffle/giveaways, physical activities for families and kids to participate in together, and free food! All sessions and tables are centered around various health and wellness topics. Kids are welcome to attend any breakout session with their parents or can explore the resource tables and play family games with a parent.

Who is coming and what are the free raffle items? Click on the following link to see all the resource tables and presentations for the event, as well as a list of the raffle items. Resource Tables, Presentations and Raffle Items

Please see the Health and Wellness Event flyer for this event and be sure to invite neighbors and friends! If you have any questions please free to contact Dr. Betsy Moppert, Wellness Event Coordinator, at moppert.betsy@wgmail.org.

Webster On Wheels - May 5

The WGSD Foundation & The Hub Bicycle Co. will be holding the annual Webster On Wheels event at Bristol Elementary on Sunday, May 5th. Full details and registration information can be found in the WOW flyer.

Library Gift Book Club

Thank you for donating! Books were recently donated to our library on behalf of the following student(s):

  • Charlotte Heitgerd
  • Jake Crull
  • Jake Dreste
  • Kai Kaupp
  • Noah Rowley
  • Nolon Falkenrath

The Clark PTO sponsors a Library Gift Book Club that allows you to donate a book to our library in celebration of a birthday or other special event in your child's life. During the month of your child's birthday you will receive an email with a link to an online order form. Feel to order a book anytime by using this Library Gift Book Club link. If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Crawford at jzcrawford.2008@gmail.com.

April is Move More Month

Mr. Morrison asked that we share the following important message from the American Heart Association with the Clark community.

Our Why...

  • Almost half of U.S. adults are not active enough to maintain good health. And, about one in three adults participate in NO leisure time physical activity at all.
  • Getting recommended amounts of physical activity (at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous activity, 75 minutes of vigorous activity, or a combination of those activities per week) is linked to lower risk of diseases, stronger bones and muscles, improved mental health and cognitive function, and lower risk of depression.
  • Only 26 percent of men, 19 percent of women, and 20 percent of adolescents report enough activity to meet the physical activity recommendations. Yet, physical activity has been proven as one of the most effective ways to lower chances of heart disease and live a longer, healthier life.
  • If everyone increased their activity, even by a small amount, we would see a decrease in the burden and cost of disease in the United States.
  • The top causes of death and the most expensive medical conditions could all be positively impacted by increasing activity.

So, Clark community, get out there and move!

Mark Your Calendars

Be sure to check out the Clark PTO calendar for upcoming events.

  • Apr 10 - Clark Night at the Ballpark
  • Apr 11 - Girls on the Run
  • Apr 11 - 1st Grade Concert
  • Apr 12 - Chess Club
  • Apr 13 - Health & Wellness Event
  • Apr 16 - Girls on the Run
  • Apr 18 - Girls on the Run
  • Apr 19 - Chess Club
  • Apr 23 - Girls on the Run
  • Apr 23 - Kindergarten Concert
  • Apr 25 - Girls on the Run
  • Apr 26 - Chess Club
  • Apr 27 - WGSD Chess Tournament
  • Apr 27 - Landscaping
  • Apr 30 - Girls on the Run

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